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The first quality cast iron wheeling machines imported to US in 42 years
info / pricing /shipping info: wildcad@comporium.net
Peter Tommasini has become a world class metal shaper after 46 years of primarily using a wooden stump, a selection of hammers
and the cast iron wheeling machine that he has devoted his life to perfecting. He has determined the ideal height and depth from years of working on auto restorations, designing these machines to wheel to the center of a 56" wide panel. Additional height and/or depth
leads to.excessive flexing. These machines have an increasing cross sectional width as the the top leads to and down the backbone, culminating at the base in non-parralel ribs of different thicknesses. This prevents the lozenging of the backbone found in most fabricated machines. This design, along with the constant radius of the upper arm and the wide loading joint as a result of the cantelevered upper wheel axle housing, makes this a great choice, not only for the minimal loading in using full radius lower anvils on the low carbon steel and low tempered aluminum alloys, but due to this excellant flex resistance and the maintenance of a steady position under load during use, this design is preferred by those that use the lower anvils with flats that are needed for moving the metal past its elastic load limit to get the shape needed in the higher strength alloys used in the aircraft and related industries.

The most common response noted by those experienced 'wheel men' using this machine for the first time is that they are surprised at how fast it moves the metal and how smooth are the results. Wheeling machine design is subject to many viewpoints, and many gentlemen make many very nice panels with many styles of wheels, but what seems to stand out about Peters design is how fast you can learn as a novice and how quick you can get things done as a pro. Purchasing a quality cast iron wheeling machine is not only a purchase it is an investment, as a cast wheeling machine does not depreciate with time or use.

In addition to the above advantages of owning a cast iron wheeling machine, Peter has made it even more interesting in the way that his machines are being offered for sale to customers in the US. The cost is currently $3500, less wheel and anvils, and a deposit of $1800 is required uppon ordering, and the balance of $1700 is due upon arrival here in Rock Hill, S.C. The shipping times have been about 8-10 weeks.They are shipped without the upper wheel and the lower anvils to minimize the import shipping costs. The special cantelevered designed upper wheel and four lower anvils are available in the US at Hoosier Profiles for $800 incl. shipping. Accessories for Peter's machine are shown below.

Joe and Peggy Andrews at Hoosier Profiles: www.hoosierprofiles.com or 260-301-9034


info / pricing /shipping info: wildcad@comporium.net

Take a close look at the
Peter overseas exporting
On arrival in Rock Hill, S.C.
#TW01 - $140
experience assures that the
The shipping container is dis-.
Crating for inside the US
of these wheeling machine
crating and fastening is done
assembled and the machines are
shipping is available - delivery
to assure a safe delivery
inspected and un-bolted
to R.H. Fastenal store is N/C
#TW02 $65 each
#TW03 $30 each
#TW04 $55 pair
#TW05 $110 set
3/8" thick mounting plates are
Lower anvil racks for storing
Lower anvil racks for storing
3/8" mounting plate with a
available with existing holes
up to four lower anvils. They
up to eight lower anvils. They
pair of lower anvil storage rack
to mount wheel & anvil racks
have holes to bolt to plate
have holes to bolt to plate
all three have matching holes
#TW06 $30 pair
#TW07 $25set
#TW08 $190 each
#TW09 $25 each - N/A
Peter uses rubber pads between
Four wheeling machine to base.
Go Cart tire specially designed
These upper wheel covers are
the wheeling machine & base to mounting bolts and flat washers for use on Peter's wheel. A used
used to keep wheels clean
'listen' for correct anvil pressure
(washers not shown)
but excellant tire on alum. hub
from shop dirt and dust, etc.
#TW10 $220
#TW11 $20
Current (June '17) Fastenal
Replacement bolt and spring
6" x 6" lower anvil and holder.
Delivery Map. Red = not at this.
double roller for radiusing
adjusters for 'tilting' lower anvil
based on Cass Nawrocki idea
time. Yellow = subject to East to
flat bars & 180 folding
on Peter's lower cradle
West truck load availability