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Tips and Tricks - Specialty Tools - Page 2
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"Beater-Bag" Stand made
Plastic Backing Block
Fixture for Pre-Assembly
Cut and Fabricated
from Wheel, Torque Tube
Used in Removing the Drilled
of Front Backing, Brake
#10 Gauge Steel Plate for
and Inverted Brake Drum
Out Rivits in Headlight Shells
Shoes and Springs
Correct Fr. Fender Edge Shape
Rotating Support Fixture
Fixture for Mounting Intake
Wheel Painting Fixture with
Assembly Fixture for
for Positioning Frame for
and Exhaust Manifold for
Hub, Wheel, Spindle and Piece
Pre-Assembly of Rear Backing
Multiple Work Projects
"Match" Machining
of Torque Tube 36 1/2" Lg.
Plates, Shoes & Emerg.Brakes
Stand for Mounting
Home Made Miniature
This Tool Is Used to Align Rear
Notch on Left End of this 1/4" x
Spot Welder to a more
Hand Held English Wheel for
Motor Mount to the Clutch
1-1/4" Bar is Used to Straighten
Comfirtable Using Height
use with Mounted Fenders
Housing at Motor Installation
Bent Spokes on Wheels
Nylon Handle on a 18 TPI
air fitting in old gas cap
holder and templates for
carpeted box made from 2 X 4"s
Thread File Re-Grooves
to apply air pressure to gas
spray painting blue paint to the
and plywood to mount tires
Serrations on Fender Edges
tank for drying or cleaning
indented area on bumper clamp
on nicely painted wheels