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Tips and Tricks - Specialty Tools - Page 4
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Tool for using to polish headlight rings
This tool was made to straighten and 'roll-up' hood top hinges.
fabricated from a piece of UHMW material
If you oil the area well, when you compress this tool, it will
used to prevent buffing wheel from grabbing ring from your hand
roll the hoop to the correct size using a modified hood rod inside
Fender Bead 'Adjusting ' Pliers
Tool Made from Door Handle
Cut center section from '28-'29
Weld ring to top edge of wheel
Made in Convex, Concave and
Fastened to a Switch 'Spider'
wheel, trim spokes as shown.
Use with a 2 or 3 finger puller
Straight Shapes.Wire Bead Tool
Test Wiring Before Body On
Fabricate ring as shown
to remove drums from hub
Tool Made to restore the edge of the Splash Aprons where they receive the Running Board Inboard edge.
Radiused piece of angle iron attached to the Workbench Top with (4) Supports equalling the Offset Height of the Aprons.
Block of Aluminum with a hole
Angle Iron cut to make support
This tool is made from several pieces of cold rolled steel. They
drilled at the bottom of a groove
to hold steering box on work
are machined in such a manner as to make a fixture to test the
to remove pin - E-brake handle
bench to make final adjustments
straightness of the shifter forks and is also used to machine them.