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Straighten Shifter Lever Bottom
Remove Horn Button
To Dis-Assemble Shift Tower
To Dis-Assemble Shift Tower
3" x 3" x 1/4" Angle Iron
Cut From a 2" x 4"
Assembly for Front E-Brake
Assembly for Side E-Brake
Modified Clamp To Hold End of
Tool to Use Grease Pressure
Tooling to Press Out / Install
Fabricated Tool to Remove
Brake Pad to Shoe-Minimize Lift
to Remove Stuck Detent Spring
Clutch T/O Arm Piovot Shaft
Pedal Shaft When Stuck in
in Transmission Shift Tower
Provides More Initial Alignment
Bell Housing
This Tool Was Fabricated after
This Fixture is for Supporting
This is a 'Hollow Mill' Used
These are Threaded Rod
Being Cut on a Waterjet Machine
Spring Perch When Rebuilding
to Mill the ball off the Stem of
Connectors Modified to Use
Then Formed for Use in Vert. Mill
From 3/4" Plate & Wishbone
Spring Perches and Shock Mts.
For Backing Frame Rivits
Modified Impact Socket to Be
1/4" Thick Piece of Angle Iron
Tool For Holding Rear End
Tool For Holding Rear Axle
Used to Remove Clutch Trunion
Made to be Used to Straighten
Center Section - Cut from
Housing from the Outside End
Nuts That are Difficult to Remove
and Repair Emerg.Brake Lever
an Old Torque Tube
Install Seals,Shock Ball