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Tips and Tricks - Specialty Tools - Page 6
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Tool to Stamp Sheetmetal Upset
Hub Puller for Front and Rear
Beater Bag Made From Torque
Drilled Hole in Nylon Bar to
on '28 - '29 Front Fenders
Made from 19" Wheel '28-'31 Tube, Wheels-Hammer was Bat
Install Bell on Shift Lever
Home Made Rollers - C.R. Steel
Cut Off Spare Tire Holder-Use
Home Made Slapper - Made
Smooth O.D. of Generator to
Used for Minimal Offset Beads
with Center Punch-Locate Hole
from Two Pieces of Lignumvitae
Straighten Generator/Starter
Splash Apron
Outer Bands
Machine Slot & Groove to Trim
Home Made Tool to Modify the Available Model T Door
Wood Buck to Dolly Over
Edge of Steering Column Anti-
Panel Dovetail Insert to Fit the Model A Requirements
Sheet Metal - Vintage Race
Shock Cover
This Tool was Made to Use a
These were cut on a Waterjet
This Tool is Used to First Align
This is a Piece Of Angle Iron
31" Column of Water to Flow
to Sandwich Cork Gasket so
the Four Tapered Sides of a Clip
Drilled to Mount the Top of a
Test Carburetor Jets
That I Could Cut out Thin Cork
for Upholstery, then Flatten Top
Carburetor to Install Bushings