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This Head Puller is made by Gord Baverstock and has a proven track record of working well.
This Dist. Puller is made from
Gord is from Canada and is well respected in the Model A Hobby.
3/8" plate. The center rod
For more information contact: gbaverstock@bmts.com
threads into top of shaft
Bumper Clamp Tool
"Beater-Bag" for Sheet Metal
Buck for Installing Frame
Angle Bracket used for
For Removing and
Stand Made from Wheel,
Rivits - 1" thick with
Mounting Water Pump
Installing SST Cladding
Torque Tube and Pulley
"dimple" for Rivit Heads
Angle Bracket used for
Tool Made from Inner U-Joint
Hose Clamp Resto Tool
Tool for Matching the
Holding Steering Box while
and an Old Socket - Used to
Large Round Bar and a
Lengths of Brake
Attaching Strg. Column Items
Measure Pinion Brg. Pre-Load
Small Square Bar w/Radius
Adjusting Shafts
This is used to Remove the
A Set of Nylon-Lined
Lifting Hooks Made from
This is a Holding Block
Knob off a Windshield Wiper
Sockets Eases the Stress
Forged "Eyes" and
for Working on Distributors
Control Rod / Switch
on Painted Hardware at Assy.
Old Spark Plug Bases
Made from Aluminum