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Early Win - Cecil Gordon
Adams Racing-Indianapolis, Ind
Jigs and Fixtures for Building
Jigs and Fixtures for Building
USAC Stock Car
CMS Legends Cars
CMS Legends Cars
Radiator was in Back Seat
Director-Research /Development
Director-Research & Develop.
Mario Andretti Testing for
First Shop in Hamilton, Ohio
First Time at Indy
First Time at Indy
Porsche Racing at CMS
Mid-Engine Tube Chassis
Rick Muther -Last Turbine Car
Jigger Sirois - Rookie Event
Small Block Chevy, Corvair Tr.
TwoJacks Racing, Memphis, Tenn TwoJackRacing,Memphis,Tenn
Burt Reynolds Movie
Burt Reynolds Movie
Burt Reynolds Movie
Burt Reynolds Movie
'Stand On It'- I Drove this Car
'Stand On It'- We Built Two of
'Stand On It'- Comparing the
'Stand On It'- Comparing the
Car was built at Our Shop
these Cars at Our Shop
Nose Height to Previous Body
Two Body Styles Side by Side
watch Movie Trailer
Burt Reynolds Movie
Loni Anderson as Dress Blows
One of Our Own Race Cars Used
Linda Vaughn - Miss Hurst
'Stand On It'- Taking a Break
Up over Her Haed.- That's Me
for Filming the Burt Reynolds
Shifter During Filming at
at Right in Green & White Hat
Movie Stroker Ace
Atlanta, Georgia Race Track
Longer Movie Trailer
I'm in Start of Movie Clip Part 2
watch Movie Trailer #2
Joe Frasson Prior to Race at
Kenny Rogers Movie 'Six-Pack'
Centerfold - Stock Car Racing
It Was Not All Hard Work
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Erin Gray -Waiting to Film
Occassional Diversions
Busch Race 1973
Michigan International Track
watch 6 Pack Movie Trailer