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First Race w/Dale Earnhardt
Moved Up to This Truck-it Was
Ford Crew Cab Dually
Just Got Home from Having
'65 Pickup & "borrowed" Trailer
a Truck Used by Huggins Tires
General Purpose Use to Pick
Trailer Painted and Lettered
I Started at the Bottom
Goodyear Tire Provider
Up and Deliver Cars & Parts
at Greg Hellers Spring Shop
Bought Trailer from Proceeds
On Display at Richard Petty
On Display Somewhere?
This Was One of Our
from Bert Reynolds Movie
Annual Open House in Level
We Could Swing Out a Boom to
Race Cars
'Stroker Ace"-Tractor Provided
Cross, NC.-Trailer had Huge
Change Motors in the Car From
by Douglas and Sons Trucking
Stereo System in the Back
any of the Four Trailer Doors
Unloading Somewhere?
Could Carry Two Cars, Four
Getting Rady for Race at the
Headed for Short Track Event
Must Have Been Race Day
Complete Motors. I-Beam Ran
Michigan Motor Speedway
Some where in Nebraska
  Down the Center. Booms at all
1975 +/-
Car Sat on Pole & Won Race
  Four Doors. 18 Mounted Tires    
This Was One Fast Race Truck
Douglas and Sons Bobtail Race
Big Truck Racing Seemed to
This One Followed Me Home
and Good Looking as Well
Truck - Statesville, N.C. We
Appeal to a Wide Range of
Jimmy Padgett at the Wheel
Helped Build Independant Front
Spectator Demographics
Suspension for this Truck
Dirt Short Track Racing
Dirt Short Track Racing
Dirt Short Track Racing
This is Not the Preferred
was Eventfull
was Eventfull
was Eventfull
Direction of Travel