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Cup Car Ford Built for Coal
Our Own Race Car
Our Own Race Car
This car was Owned by Terry
Miner Jimmy Walker-Nice Man
Looks Like it Might be in
at Shop in Fort Mill, S.C.
Hurst Racing - Merit, Texas-was
Used in Stroker Ace Movie
Repainted and used in the Burt
as 7-11 Car that I Drove
Reynolds Stroker Ace Movie
Ex Waltrip car-Rebuilt for Leon
Car was built for John Callis
Car Driven by Janet Guthrie
Our Own Race Car at Talladega
Boomershine in Broken Arrow
Orlando, Florida. Photo taken
this Car Was Not built by Us
Had Just set Fastest Qualifying
Oklahoma. Shown in Talladega
Prior to Race - Dover, Del.
Shown in Tallagega, Alabama
Time in World for a NASCAR
Stock Car Qualifying Event
Driven by Jigger Sirois, Owned
John Callis Prior to his First Cup Jerry Bowman-Havre-De-Grace
Another ThunderBird for
by Indy's Tom Adams USAC
Car Race. Dover Delaware
Maryland Driver.Car on Display
Some One!
Car had Rear Mtd. Radiator
In Maryland Somewhere
Jerry Bowman at North
Jolly Rancher car on Display in
Car Ready for Jerry Richardson
Another Bill Elliott Show Car
Wilkesboro, N.C. Short Track
Charlotte, N.C.
to go to Pocono, Pennsylvania
Ready to be Put on Trailer
Headed to Dawsonville, Georgia
1st Car Driven by Janet Guthrie
Car Built for Gregg Sacks
Jigger Sirois in Tom Adams
Jerry Jolly from Denver, Colo.
this Car Was Not built by Us
from Long Island, New York
USAC Stock Car. During Race
Giving our Big Bird a Ride in
I was Crew Chief @ Charlotte
In Milwaukee, Wisconson
College Station, Texas