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Dale and Teresa taking a break
Dale and Ricky during a time
Dale in the car getting ready
This car was built at our
at Charlotte during our first
they were not fussin' with
to qualify for the World 600 race
White Crown Engineering Shop
race together
each other on the track
  Jimmy Walker driver & nice guy
I worked on and prepared this
Confidence was never in doubt
Elliot Forbes-Robinson
This is Dale and Ralph
car when working for Ralph
this photo was taken the year
Expert road racer in our car
Earnhard's home and shop. I
Moody. Janet Guthrie-Driver
after he drove for use.
at Talladega, Alabama
worked in this shop with Dale
before he drove our car
Dale climbing out of one of his
I was crew chief on this car for
Good friend Carl Adams - looks
We re-bodied this car for
earlier short track rides
Cecil Gordon. Note lack of
like he is in Riverside, California
Buddy Baker
  at fuel filler.His brother reaching
Carl built this car, the moter and
inside car to adjust wedge
did all mechanical work + drove
We re-bodied and re-detailed
We built(2) of these new Fords
We built this car for Randy
I worked with Ralph Moody to
this car for Bill Elliot. It is on
for the Universal Studios to be
Ogden from Oklahoma
prepare this car for Indy car
display at the Henry Ford
used in the Burt Reynolds movie
In line to Qualify at Michigan
driver Salt Walther for 1977
Museum in Greenfield, Mich.
Stroker Ace
Daytona 500
Cecil Gordon Post Card
Mark Martin making a Pit Stop
Working on Marks car at some
Mark Martin post card
during Race at Rockingham. We
short track
We built this car at our shop
built this car-sat on pole here in
first race attempt.