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Best of all Friends in NASCAR
I designed special pit equipment
This is my all time favorite paint
Donnie Allison at Michigan
Contributed most to my racing
to hold air hose, regulators, tire
scheme of any race car. Built
in many areas. Gregg Heller
gun and provide elevated viewing this car at Di-Gard Racing 1975  
Another posed picture - Donnie
Another pic from 1970 showing
Pulling the DiGard car into the
This was the Digard color
in the Daytona Tri-Oval infield
paint design on the hood
garage area after qualifying
scheme for Donnie Allison in
This little confrontation was the
I was Joe Frasson's crew chief in
Joe Frasson post card from '73
Joe Frasson coming off the
beginning of the great wave of
about 1973. This was taken just
the stars on the hood were the
track to make a pit stop at
NASCAR enthusiasm
before qualifying at Darlington
same as the ones I had on the
Michigan International track
hood of my own Corvette
Joe Frasson passing Canadian
Early picture of Ricky Rudd in
Another picture - Ricky Rudd
Real early picture - Ricky Rudd
Earl Ross at Michigan Internat'l
before I worked with him
before I worked with him
We were wicked fast that day!
Another picture - Ricky Rudd
Donnie leaving Pit Road at
One of my favorite pictures of
Janet Guthrie - 1977
before I worked with him
Darlington, S.C. in 1975
Dale Earnhardt. This is how I
remember him