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SolidWorks Design Assembly
Main Fram Sub-Assembly
SolidWorks Design Drawing
SolidWorks Design Drawing
of Proposed English Wheel
showing Dual Frame Weldment
of Upper Wheel Adjuster
of Anvil Storage Rack
Robbie at Bessemer City Steel
Taking Great Care to Cut Each
First Fabrication Work was to
Getting Ready to Start the
Supply in Bessemer City, N.C.
to the 22.5 Degree Cut that
Acquire and Machine the Upper
Welding of the Frame Parts
Curring the Frame Ttubing
Is Required to make 45 Degree
Wheel Adjuster
Lots of Welding Required
Ethan Peil Preparing the Tube
Greg Arbogast Welding the
Both Frame Side Sections
Greg is using a Mounting Plate
Edges for Welding
First of the Two Frame Sides
Welded in Position
Welding Fixture to Align the
Mounting Plates to Eeach Other
SolidWorkd Drawing of the
Photograph of the Alignment
Better View of the Alignment
Upper and Lower Mounting
Fixture Used for Aligning the
Fixture Before Being Used
Fixture in Place at Assembly
Plates on a Pallet w/other Parts
Upper and Lower Mounting Pl's
Finally Got The Frame Home

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Long Stroke Magnetic Drill