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This power hammer is designed
Final Design Assembly Drawing
Isometric view of final design
Side View of 3PH 2HP motor
from this sketch while at Fay
Drawn in SolidWorks V10
that features 2HP 3PH motor
unit showing lower tube support
Butlers shop near Boston, Mass
3Ph 2HP motor / Timing Belt
using Timing Belts & VFD unit
for thrust guide plate(not shown)
Dave Rumley measuring for
Cut material to make parts
Dave Rumely and I tapping
Showing finished tapped holes
making a drawing of Anvil Base
per SolidWorks drawings
holes in bearing base plates
upper and lower mounting
lower anvil support showing
Outrigger support brackets
Outrigger support brackets
blocks for wooden forward leg
machined area for socket head
bolts and sleeves are for holding
after welding with sleeves
cap screw that mounts lower die
alignment for welding.
Fixture made for keeping the
Motor, outrigger supports
Starting to accumulate some
Gathering of most of the plates
upper and lower die holders
and outrigger arms
material and parts in the shop
and items needed to begin the
in alignment during welding
welding of the main support tube
Large btube for support column
Outrigger supports installed
Installation of upper and lower
End of the first day of welding
12" x 12" x 1/2" wall x 84" lg.
starting on horizontal tubes
die holder alignment fixture
It's looking very good to me!