Salesman Sammy

This was a story written as an excercise in 'Galumphing' where I was asked to write a story using the words: 'wedding ring', 'car salesman' and 'bank'




These are articles, stories and accounts of my life, as I recall them, and are copywrited. Unauthorized use will be pursued at my determination, to the degree that I am inclined. Any hard feeling caused by memories that don't match yours are unfortunate and you'll just have to get over it! Feel free to contact me if you have a request for their use. I am not writing for prose or poetry, but just to tell a story. Neither do I try to be politically correct. I consider that an act of cowardice, trying to placate the uninformed, ignorant of history folks that are filled with ego and braggadocios, demanding that their perspective be the prevalent one.


Having been a car salesman for many years, ol’ Sammy got to thinking that he may have to decide on another career rather quickly. Sales were plummeting badly, like the outside temperature and the receding hairline on his grouchy old boss, Sal. Ol’ Sammy was becoming desperate for a new venue for his life, and began to think of a plan that might get him out of this cold weather job here in the perennially gloomy state of Washington.

The car dealership’s payroll was distributed by the secretary, and this week when Ms. Shirely gave ol’ Sammy his check he was once again disturbed by the way Sal had manipulated his earnings to favor the dealerships interests. Sammy had been rumored to have been spending time on the side with Ms. Shirley, but no one cared much as Shirley and her husband had been separated for many months.

An idea finally came to ol’ Sammy’s mind and after tucking in his shirt and smoothing his hair down on his head, he marched straight to the back of the salesroom and spending a few minutes in the managers office, he emerged with the secretary on one hand and approaching Sol, he threw his pay envelope at his feet.

Suddenly, Sammy the salesman, grabbed Shirley the secretary, and telling Sol to stick his stinkin’ salary solution in the snow slipped out the sliding door and selling Shirley’s sterling silver wedding band, they bought a Smith and Wesson, robbed the Smithsonian Savings and Loan at the corner of Southland and Sweetwater and skipping Seattle, spent the next summer secretly strolling in the sand in the Sunland resort on Sara Sea Circle on Siesta Key, near Sarasota, Florida.